Information for Homeowners


Our core aerator pulls up plugs from your lawn that will naturally break down in about 2 weeks, releasing vital nutrients back into your lawn. Before your aeration service, please mow your lawn and flag any sprinklers. Hardware stores have cheap marking flags, or you can use something like plastic forks that stick out of the ground so we can go around your sprinkler heads. We are not liable for damage to unmarked sprinkler heads.If your ground is hard and dry, please make sure the lawn gets a good soak the day before. After service, please leave the plugs on your lawn and keep a normal watering schedule.


Our granular fertilizer has 21% nitrogen, 0% phosphate, 14% potassium, and 5% iron. This fertilizer lasts 6 weeks and is water-activated. It is important to give your lawn the nutrients it needs by fertilizing every six weeks. An easy way to remember is every major holiday (Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day). Please keep a normal watering schedule before and after the application.Please keep pets and children off the fertilized lawn until it has been watered in, either by your sprinkler system or by rain. Once it has been watered in, it is safe for pets/children to be on the grass.

Please contact us if you have any questions, and we hope you enjoy your beautiful lawn!