About Us

The Inspiration

Palmer Family Landscaping started in July 2017 on a giant leap of faith. Cole had worked at a local Spokane nursery for the two years prior, which cultivated his love for plants and beautifying the land. With the help of neighbors, parents, and a little red 1992 baby truck, their lawn care business took off!

The Journey

After getting married in 2008, Cole and Melissa moved to Taiwan for a year, then to Tucson, Arizona for four years, where the first two little Palmers were added to the family. In Tucson, Cole taught at an elementary school, and they purchased their first home. He was let loose on turning their dirt and sand into a beautiful landscape.

The Growth

After the Palmers moved back to Washington to be near family, they started Palmer Family Landscaping in 2017. Joe joined in 2019 as a huge asset, utilizing his painting experience, as well as taking over the lawn care division. 2021 came with many positive changes, including the business name changing to Palmers Pro Services, and Melissa fully taking on the office position when 39 weeks pregnant with baby #6! 2022 brought more change as they pivoted fully from lawn care to painting for Joe. God has provided every step of the way, and they look forward to what is in store for the future!